Bountiful Raises Recycling Tax On Residents

A few years ago, the Bountiful City Council sneaked through a mandatory recycling program during a council meeting without public comment taken.  The program was another bow to a small special interest group on the backs of the majority and results in a government-mandated monopoly.  Now we’re on the hook for an rate (tax) increase:

The city council approved the change Tuesday night. The fee went up from $3.05, which was imposed in August 2008 when the service was first authorized, to $3.25.

That means the majority are forced to pay $39/year for a pet project on top of all the other special interest tax increases imposed over that last several years (RAP tax, power tax (for the city slush fund), recreation center tax, etc).  Further, the “fee” is better characterized as  a tax – fees are traditionally assessed on service users (indicating a voluntary action),  all are forced to pay for curbside recycling whether they use it or not.

I assume the increase was for increasing gas costs for bin pickup but the article gives no clues (rather than report that, the article editorializes on why it’s a small increase and not worthy of any attention).  I believe that is the only allowable increase in the contract.  If so, any other reason could be a breach by the company or the city has found a new way to garner another $35,162*/year from residents for itself (on top of the $2+ Million/year power rate overcharge).

*Based on census of 14,651 households


2 thoughts on “Bountiful Raises Recycling Tax On Residents

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