Take Action: Legislators Poised To Disregard Voters ID Theft Risk, Kill SB18

About a week ago, I noted that action needed to be taken on SB18 in the Utah Legislature.  Initially SB18 would only protect voters email addresses but was recently amended in the House to also protect voters’ date of birth from public records.  However, both big political parties in Utah (the Republican and Democrat parties) remained opposed and are pressuring legislators to kill the legislation.  Rumor has it that enough legislators plan on doing just that.

Why should you care?  Simple: as a public record the voter registry can be bought by anyone.  The information thereon includes two thirds of what an identity thief needs to take your identity and begin to apply for credit etc.  It is absurd that we are forced to make birth date a public record and it is time that voters rather than political and special interest groups are protected, especially from identity theft.

For now, it appears that the parties are perfectly comfortable to increase your risk of identity theft, so long as they get the date of birth data they want for ad campaigns etc.  If you don’t feel like you should be forced to make sensitive information public, contact your Representative and Senator and ask them to support SB18 and any other legislation that protects voters date of birth from disclosure.


One thought on “Take Action: Legislators Poised To Disregard Voters ID Theft Risk, Kill SB18

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