Predictable: Games With The Illegal Immigration Commission

Any time a special commission is set up by the legislature, you can be virtually guaranteed that it will be stacked.  Looks like they’re sticking with tradition.

While Governor Herbert was directed to form the commission, it appears he passed the responsibility on to the Attorney General’s office.  As most know, Mark Shurtleff is a big advocate for illegal immigrant amnesty and HB116 and has no problem turning a blind eye to the employment-related identity theft they commit (as well as turning a blind eye to their victims).    The commission membership (27 members) was essentially stacked with amnesty supporters and business interest groups who also have a penchant for blocking legislation on illegal labor.  AG Shurtleff proposed that the commission recommend that the legislature not take up any legislation this session (which it did) – effectively wanting the unconstitutional and flaw-ridden (for all involved) HB116 go into effect.  The recommendation may as well have come from the Salt Lake Chamber of Commerce or any other special interest group wishing to protect its pet legislation.

At least, while stacked, the commission did make room for two members with an opposing view on illegal immigration…except that the AG’s office didn’t bother to inform them that they were on the commission:

Janalee Tobias is a resident of South Jordan and an anti-illegal immigration activist. She was appointed to the commission — except she said no one told her.

“I would’ve done anything to be there,” Tobias said. “I would’ve walked if I had to.”

She also would’ve opposed the recommendation, calling it a “chicken way to do things,”…

Here’s the letter the AG’s office sent to the other after the fact:

Dear (name):

I have been informed by Senate president Michael Waddoups that you have been appointed to the new Utah Commission on Immigration and Migration. My name is Amanda Eccles Jex, and I am the staff attorney for the Commission. On behalf of the Commission I welcome you.

Thus far the Commission has met twice, the first meeting January 18, and the second February 6, 2012. Attached are the minutes from the first meeting. The next meeting of the Commission will be Monday, April 2, 2012in the Capitol Board Room at noon.

I have also attached a copy of the Commission’s enabling statute for your convenience.

Please contact me if you have any questions.


Amanda Eccles Jex
Attorney Fellow
State Agency Counsel
Attorney General’s Office

So much for even a hint of credibility.


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