Legistlative Retribution: Rep Greenwood Targeted By Senate For Protecting Voter Identities (Abuse/Stalking Victim Exposed)

If you are registered to vote in Utah, you exposing yourself to identity theft. Right now, the Lieutenant Governor (Greg Bell) will sell all your information (name, address, phone) including your date a birth so long as you are willing to pay for it. Other government entities* are required to also provide this information to anyone who requests it for a smaller fee. Should you refuse to provide the information, your right to vote will be denied.

This is especially concerning for victims of domestic abuse and/or stalkers (especially those with a restraining order). If they register to vote, there is no provision for concealing their information (which includes their phone number and address).

The Lt. Governor pushed a bill (SB18) that would protect your email address (not very valuable to an identity thief). Fortunately, Representative Greenwood amended it when it came to the House to include protection for your date of birth. Since then, the Lieutenant Governor has wanted that protection removed and proceeded to go into a deceptive spin cycle on the issue.

Now, it also appears that some in the Senate are going to get their pound of flesh from Rep. Greenwood. All of his bills which have passed in the House (unanimously none the less) are stuck in the Senate Rules Committee. They are getting their revenge on him for trying to protect your sensitive information because the Republican and Democrat parties want the information.

Here are the links to his bills which have passed and are trapped (see “Status/Votes” link): HB57, HB92, HB252. Certainly nothing controversial.

At this time, the best thing to do is contact your Senator and the Senate Rules Committee members (mdayton@le.utah.gov, pjones@le.utah.gov, pknudson@le.utah.gov, mmadsen@le.utah.gov, kmayne@le.utah.gov, rokerlund@le.utah.gov, screid@le.utah.gov, kvantassell@le.utah.gov). Firmly, but politely request that they support SB18 and cut the schoolyard retaliation aimed at Rep. Greenwood and release his bills.

Finally, the problems with abuse/stalking victims was not realized until after SB18 was passed. I’m not sure protections for them can be added in at this time. If so, some effort needs to be made to protect more than just date of birth for these victims. Better yet: why not just let voters opt in to have their information released.

*I’m not going into specifics here as I don’t want to give identity thieves or abusers a ‘how to’ guide.

Further reading for those interested:
Regarding the Republican/Democrat Party letter – they talk about voter fraud (they don’t trust the poll judges and want to look for anomalies). Fair enough, but they’ve not proposed any rule to allow the lists released solely for election oversight. They move on to a Pew study on vague “problems” with voter rolls but they’ve had these lists for years but don’t seem to have cleaned them up. Yet again, they also fail to propose a rule for release solely for election integrity oversight. They also have a line on identity theft but fail to mention that a thief/abuser would have thousands of names etc at their disposal with the voter list (rather than scowering websites). What they do is call for all involved to kill the bills and the real reason why they do so:

Vote histories and matching voters thereto…translated: their marketing/campaign strategies. I understand it’s important to them and they could ask that people be allowed to opt-in but they don’t; they prefer you be forced to cough up your private information for their benefit.


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