Lip Service: Governor Herbert And Child ID Theft Protection (E-Verify)

According to the email from the Governor’s office, he’s a strong supporter of E-Verify:

Please know that the Governor is a strong supporter of E-verify and has expressed his support both publicly and to Legislative leadership.

However, his Lieutenant Governor and other pro-illegal labor interests stacked a committee (going so far as to block citizen committee members) to recommend that proposed Utah laws, including E-Verify (highly effective a protecting child identities from employment-related identity theft), not be passed.  Their number one priority is to retain their cheap labor and converts even if your child’s identity is sacrificed.

For some reason, the Lieutenant Governor, through the above committee, appears to be intentionally undermining the Governor. Or is he…

Thus far, the Governor has not lifted a finger to pursue the program he’s a “strong supporter” of.  He has paid plenty of lip service to it but has yet to become involved in pushing for HB477 – which will strengthen Utah’s E-Verify program.  If he’s serious, then he needs to become personally engaged and call on the House Rules Committee to disregard the special interest report and pass HB477.

Contact the Governor (801-538-1000) and remind him that talk is cheap and actions speak louder than words.

Further reading/action: As a registered voter, you are forcibly exposed to identity theft as your personal voter information is sold by the Lieutenant Governor’s office.


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