Child Identity Deception: Representative Jim Bird, Bill Wright, and Neal Hendrickson

Yesterday, the House Rules Committee finally passed HB477 to the floor…except it didn’t. This year, we’ve seen plenty of pathetic political games related to identity theft legislation. Here’s the latest charade starring Representatives Jim Bird (West Jordan – District 42), Neal Hendrickson (West Valley City – District 33) and Bill Wright (Holden – District 68):

A Play: Child Identity Protection Deception

Act I
Bird, Wright, and Hendrickson all go to the committee and vote in favor of HB477 which strengthens Utah’s very weak E-Verify law. The law will effectively eliminate all child employment-related identity theft and prevent illegal labor (illegal immigrants, fugitives, deadbeat parents, and other ID thieves) from using the stolen identities for work.

Immediately following the committee hearing, the three remain behind and, literally speaking in hushed tones, evidently devise a plan to kill the legislation. Bill Wright (with a conflict of interest) by voting for the bill can now ask that it be recalled to the committee if it is not yet read on the House floor.

Act II
The committee reconvenes before the bill is read in the House and Bird and Wright recall the bill and ask for a new vote. All three (Bird, Wright, and Hendrickson) change their votes to “no” and stop the bill from progressing.

November Encore?
Watch for Jim Bird, Neal Hendrickson, and Bill Wright claim to support the bill when the November elections roll around…’They were for it before being against it’, after all.  Who knew John Kerry’s inspired vote strategy would carry over to Utah?

For that matter, I wonder what (if anything) Governor Herbert will have to say about this given his record of lip service and inaction.


One thought on “Child Identity Deception: Representative Jim Bird, Bill Wright, and Neal Hendrickson

  1. […] I’ve tracked identity theft for years.  This year, the legislature, again, had the chance to bolster the E-Verify law to significantly prevent employment-related child identity theft.  Pressure to stop the legislation included the Salt Lake Chamber of Commerce, Sutherland Institute, and the LDS Church Public Affairs.  Thus, rather than protection, they opted for deception. […]

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