Herbet Admin, Bramble, Media Kill Voter, Senior Citizen Identity Theft Protection

The legislative session is done.  I had tracked what should be ‘no-brainer’ legislation that would protect your date of birth from release to potential identity thieves.  It is even more critical for senior citizens who are targeted by various scams.

The voter registry sold by Lieutenant Governor Bell’s office, includes all your information. This list can then simply be sorted by date of birth for scam artists/con men to have a large, ready-made list of “marks”.  Apparently, the money is just too good and protecting voters and at-risk populations not worth Bell’s time (but offensive, disingenuous acts on the subject are).

Of course, as it turns out, money is not the only thing involved.  A good-old unscrupulous political power play is also involved (please read the linked article – it is critical).  Senator Curt Bramble wants to be Utah Senate President.  To do so, he wants to make a potential rival look bad by blocking legislation. Looks like Senator Bramble continues his Chicago-influenced underhanded political tricks in an effort to fully establish a rock-solid Bram-Hart political machine.  Heh, in this instance, it also looks like he’s not above throwing grandma under the bus.

Governor Herbert’s administration, the major political parties, and the media were also involved in blocking the legislation for their own political and power interests.

Looks like a political trifecta: money, power, and special interests.

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