Kabuki Administration: Utah Governor Herbert And E-Verify

Yoda once wondered if the Jedi had dealt with “…the Master, or the Apprentice?”.  While I called Lt. Governor Bell’s antics on voter identity protection “Kabuki“, it looks like he’s just the Apprentice and Governor Gary Herbert is the Master.

Since, it was made clear that the Utah Legislature was destined not to act on fixing Utah’s very weak E-Verify* law, he’s been running around whining how utterly disappointed he is that no action was taken to anyone who will listen.  He was still running his act on Saturday.  As I stated about two weeks ago:

Meanwhile, Governor Herbert is still trying to salvage something by reiterating how strongly he supports E-Verify legislation.  As I noted on Monday, the fact of the matter is he doesn’t really give a rip.  He will talk big but will take absolutely no action or show even a whiff of leadership.  The E-Verify bill (HB477) was a single vote away from the committee hearing but the Governor could not be bothered to get that vote or involve himself in the matter at all…but he did find the time to declare “Jeremy Evans Day”.

Given his tenacity, I think the Governor is due for an award: The Captain Louis Renault award (h/t HotAir’s Ed Morrisey):

*E-Verify is a free system employers can use to verify job applicant identity.  It effectively prevents child identity theft by illegal immigrants, fugitives, deadbeats, and other thieves.  Utah has a law requiring the system’s use but there is no penalty for businesses violating the law.


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