Shurtleff Again Partners With Soros-Backed Group

About six months ago, Utah’s Attorney General,Mark Shurtleff, began teaming* with a George Soros funded group (National Immigration Forum).  Back then, the group’s “summit” included Salt Lake City Police Chief Burbank and KSL host, Doug Wright, having a good laugh about knowing where stolen and fraudulent identities are sold locally effectively broadcasting Burbank will do nothing about it.  Interestingly, Mark Shurtleff  (aka “Utah’s Chief Law Enforcement Officer) was sitting next to them and never admonished either one.  Besides pressing for illegal immigrant amnesty, the group also works to stop E-Verify implementation.

Apparently, Mr. Shurtleff likes the group’s positions and direction so much, he’s going to help them push their agenda in the Southeastern United States:

April 2012

– Mayor Paul Bridges of Uvalda, Georgia, Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff, Jeb Bush, Jr. and others will host the Southeast Summit: Forging a New Consensus on Immigrants and America in Atlanta. At this event, business, law enforcement, and faith leaders from Alabama, Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Georgia will begin to develop a common understanding of the value of immigrants and immigration to the Southeast and America.

*Note: Besides Shurlteff, Burbank, and Wright, the Salt Lake Chamber of Commerce and Sutherland Institute (Paul Mero), Downtown Alliance, and “Melaleuca” were also involved in the event.


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