By Request – Civility: Mero Ridicules Citizen Input On Utah Government Commission

Well, I didn’t think I would have time to do much more than put up a tweet on Sutherland Institute President Paul Mero’s snarky email to citizen members (pdf) of the Utah Immigration and Migration Commission….but when an adoring fan pleads with you to “Please spread it far and wide“, how can I say no?

Here are the…er…highlights from Mr. Mero’s email…dripping with condescension and insults for your entertainment:

I offer this insight as the one who did express in our last meeting that not only have I had enough random email from “citizen experts” about immigrants living in Utah, I will oppose any attempts to open pathways for this sort of input into the Commission.

That said, I commend you ladies for creating a valve thorough Facebook to allow concerned citizens, from all over the world, to vent their opinions and share the minutia of their anecdotal experiences as to why they don’t have a job or why their neighbor was violated or why some little children shouldn’t be taught in government schools like their own kids living off of the generosity of taxpayers as well.

Perhaps this is not a good day for me to respond thusly. Then again, given all I’ve already been through on this issue, perhaps these comments are as simple as not wanting to subject myself to even more kooky conspiracy theories and the rantings of “patriots” who, as God as their witness, know more about this issue because they’ve seen a Mexican than every serious mind in Utah who already has worked this issue with a fine tooth comb.

…and I’ll pushback on any efforts to use the brief meetings we have to entertain any agenda, any “concerns,” that even sound, in the slightest, like they were born in the crazed minds of a nativist community of people who already have more than sufficiently expressed their views across the Internet, through email and, unfortunately in many cases, in person to me.

Please don’t contact Mr. Mero.  The other commission members seem more open and were also reminded in Ms. Tobias’ response to the above email that the commission is supposed to take citizen input…even if it means Mr. Mero will feel sullied from having to allow the ‘unwashed masses’ to attend or (gasp) testify at a meeting.

Further background on this and Ms. Tobias’ response available here.

4 thoughts on “By Request – Civility: Mero Ridicules Citizen Input On Utah Government Commission

  1. I get the idea that the Sutherland Institute is a think tank. What I don’t get is the pretense that they are a conservative one. Conservative or liberal or in-between, I also cannot imagine how far and wide they searched to hire a president with such a well demonstrated talent for public relations.

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