The 2012 Bountiful City Power Rate Overcharge

Another year goes by and Bountiful City continues to use it’s power company (Bountiful Light and Power) to intentionally overcharge customers in order to secure over two million dollars for it’s general fund…and conveniently avoid any truth-in-taxation rules.  The taxation rule is avoided by manipulating power rates to increase the transfer to city coffers.  Later, the city will crow about it’s low tax rate despite the cloaked tax in the power rates.  When that is added in, the tax rate is not much to crow about – past calculations adding in the the power transfer effectively doubles the tax rate.

This year the transfer comes to $2.28 million. That’s about an $80,000 increase from last year and may take into account last year’s rate hike they imposed and could also include the mandatory recycling fee increase (depends on how that fee can be used – the recycling firm may have demanded more money).

Previous years’ analyses have consistently shown that Bountiful residents are charged significantly higher electric rates and “customer charges” compared to the private (and heavily regulated) Rocky Mountain Power.  I don’t have time to crunch numbers this year (rates or taxes)…maybe I’ll try next week…or the week after.


2 thoughts on “The 2012 Bountiful City Power Rate Overcharge

  1. You should also speak to the fact that they allow no energy savings rebates which can add up to a sizeable savings on RMP. For instance, RMP is offering a $20 rebate per unit for LED can lights. Super efficient, long lasting, and with a net price of $5 each.

    • Very good point. I thought of bringing that up but decided to leave it out for the sake of brevity. I should incorporate it in future posts, however. Thanks for the feedback!

      PS If you are interested, there are newer posts regarding Bountiful Power (the latest was in May 2014). To see all Bountiful Power posts, click here.

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