Hatch, Hill AFB, And Entitlement

Thus far, it appears Senator Hatch continues to press his uninspired campaign of seniority and free government cheese.  I’ve already discussed the problem of casting votes for anyone primarily based on seniority and bringing pork home.

The other argument I keep hearing in support of Hatch is protection of Hill Air Force Base.  It seems plenty believe Utah is entitled to Hill AFB.  To be sure, Hill does provide plenty of jobs but, frankly, isn’t in much danger of going away anytime soon (contrary to Hatch’s insinuation), especially with the rest of Utah’s delegation involved on the issue.

Let’s be honest: for a ‘conservative state’ we seem perfectly fine with perpetuating a perceived dependency  and entitlement on the Federal Government (and the nation’s taxpayers) while, at the same time, railing against other groups/states with similar attitudes…a double standard.  Furthermore, I believe Utahns are astute enough to acknowledge that Hill AFB fits into a national defense strategy and not a Utah defense strategy.  If Hill were to become strategically wasteful or a hindrance to our defense, we should fully expect action to be taken even if it means downsizing or moving the base.

While Hatch’s Hill AFB argument is not much more than fear-mongering, I hope Utahns will see through it and hold our principles of self-sufficiency and fiscal responsibility over entitlement and dependency.


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