Habit: Utah Attorney General Turns Blind Eye To Identity Theft Victims (Illegal Immigration)

On Thursday, the Salt Lake Tribune reported that Utah Attorney General, Mark Shurtleff, intervened in an illegal alien deportation case involving three sisters and helped sway the hearing officer to allow the defendants to stay in the US another year. Specifically, he penned a letter on their behalf:

Shurtleff decided he would write a personal email to ICE Director John Morton — something he said he has never done before.

From the Deseret News article on the same day:

But it appears Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff played a significant role by sending an email request to ICE director John Morton on the women’s behalf…

“I figured it’s not going to hurt to ask,” Shurtleff said, explaining that during his three terms as Utah attorney general that he had developed professional relationships with Morton and Janet Napolitano, secretary of the Department of Homeland Security.

Evidently Mr. Shurtleff went out of his way to come to the aid of these individuals. It’s unfortunate that he couldn’t even show a modicum of concern for their potential victims. In a prior article, the Deseret News notes that “All three have jobs.”

If they did have jobs with a reputable employer – they had to have documents in order to file the I-9 paperwork etc. As their are ineligible for such, they would have to use a stolen social security number and fraudulent documents to work (all of which are felonies). Did Attorney General Mark Shurtleff have the decency to, at least, determine who’s identity was used and inform the victim? Thus far, he’s refused to answer that question.

Victim’s of this type of identity theft are often children and Mr. Shurtleff knows it. Victims face a corruption of their earnings and work histories, credit records and score, and medical identity (with potential life-threatening consequences). Mr. Shurtleff had no time at all to ask a simple question and send inform the victims but he did find the time to toot his own horn on twitter, including highlighting praise from a George Soros-backed group he’s currently teamed with.

This demonstrates a clear pattern in Mr. Shurtleff’s priorities and complete disregard for victims of employment-related identity theft. It comes as no surprise that he is a big proponent of Utah’s unconstitutional amnesty bill which also pushes the costs of illegal immigrant identity theft to victims and Utah taxpayers.


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