Rerun: Bountiful Mayor And Use Of City Resources During Election

It’s been about 7 years since Bountiful City under Mayor Joe Johnson’s watch broke Utah election rules and used city property and employees* to push for a bond election and tax increase for the South Davis Recreation Center.  Some things don’t change much.

Frankly this is fairly minor but it does provide another data point.  In a message sent to Davis County Republicans endorsing incumbent Commissioner Petroff, the mayor decided to go ahead and use his city-provided email in the election message:

…The standard of hard work set by JP is one that regularly impresses me.  I mean this sincerely when I say that no one I know in county government works harder on behalf their constituents than JP.  He has demonstrated a knack for taking on tough issues and with hard work and vision he finds answers to challenges that have eluded others.

If you have any questions about my support for JP, the upcoming primary election, or even a concern you might have about local government, please feel free to contact me:  (email) or 801.[redacted] (phone).

Thanks for your time, and remember to cast your vote for Commissioner John Petroff on June 26th.


Mayor Joe


Old habits die hard, I suppose.  I also wonder if the phone number he used is a city supplied phone or his personal phone.  Puzzling too, is how neither the Davis County Republican Party nor Petroff took notice of the use of government resources in an election email.  It doesn’t reflect well on their quality control.

*See also “Costs already rising for Davis Rec Center” (SL Trib 12/7/2004), “Winning was ugly in So. Davis rec center vote” (Standard Examiner 12/2/2004), “Complaint filed over rec center” (Standard Examiner 11/30/2004), and “Complaint filed against rec center” (Standard Examiner 11/19/2004)

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