Eligible: Criminals And Utah Guest Worker Permits (HB116)

For those who’ve followed this issue, this comes as no surprise.  Rather this serves as an illustration.

One of the many loopholes associated with Utah’s unconstitutional Amnesty/Guest Worker program (2011’s HB 116) includes a provision that only convicted felon criminal illegal aliens are in eligible for a permit.  Thus, anyone not convicted of a felony at the time of their application, is home free.  Furthermore, even if convicted, if they have a family member with a clean record, they can get the family permit and avoid a background check altogether.

Enter Mr. Avtar Singh of  California.  He recently murdered his family and was a convicted abuser.  However, there’s more to his story:

In his native India, he is wanted for a murder of a human rights activist resulting in an Interpol warrant (which does not appear on a Utah background check).  He’s also an illegal immigrant who was arrested in 2007 for unlawful presence and 2011 for domestic violence (choked his wife).

Mr. Singh plead no contest to misdemeanor (not felony) domestic violence and was not convicted of his other crimes.  If he lived in Utah, he would be eligible for his HB116  guest worker permit.

How’s that for ‘family friendly’ legislation?

UPDATE: Here’s a couple of more local examples.  Jonas Rodriquez Perez, a gang member now on trial for murder also would have qualified for HB116.  Police gang task forces tend to try to keep tabs on gang members.  I wonder if they knew Perez before he committed his murder.  Then there’s Guillermo Ramirez who recently sexually assaulted three women and has an ICE hold.  Under HB116 and Obama’s amnesty, I wonder if he would be allowed to make bail.  If so, he could bail out, get the HB116 permit (until he’s convicted) and go on to grope girls at one of our universities with tax-funded in-state tuition.

There are plenty more examples of arrested folks with ICE holds for misdemeanor crimes (like DUI) that can be found in the Salt Lake Jail IML.  I’m not going to make a list of them – I don’t have time.  Just remeber all those even with a misdemeanor conviction still qualify for a guest worker  permit.


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