Satire? Salt Lake Chamber Proclaims Immigration Policy Off Limits To Utah

Some things just make you laugh.  In a recent Salt Lake Tribune op-ed (“So it’s settled: Immigration is federal, not state issue“), a Salt Lake Chamber of Commerce representative (Timothy Wheelwright) heralded the Supreme Court decision on Arizona’s immigration law.  The decision upheld the right of States to enforce federal law in terms of checking immigration status but struck specific state laws they deemed went above/intruded on established federal immigration requirements.

Here’s the part that makes me wonder if the op-ed is satire: The Chamber was one of the primary pushers of HB116 which initiates a Utah-specific amnesty program for illegal immigrants and their employers…Despite the constitutional warning attached to HB116, the Chamber and other backers rammed it through in a late night session with no real debate…Obamacare style.  The bill was clearly unconstitutional that night, remains unconstitutional, and the court decision further reinforces that fact.  The Chamber either has amnesia or is attempting to dupe people on their position.

Satire aside, I guess their new-found position means they too will be joining the call to repeal their beloved HB 116.  I won’t hold my breath;  The Chamber has proven itself morally bankrupt on this issue.


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