Utah Commission on Immigration and Migration: Shut Up, He Explained

In April, the Sutherland Institute’s Paul Mero made it clear that he didn’t want the Utah Commission on Immigration and Migration to hear from citizens (Chaired by Lt. Governor Bell with Attorney General Mark Shurtleff as a member). In typical form, he condescendingly insulted anyone who would dare address the commission.

Now, another commission member (albeit with more tact) also wants to exclude citizens from commission findings. In the proposal they want to only hear from a very limited group:

1) Any research or findings the Commission reviews shall be factually based and verifiable. The Commission will focus on data that comes from academic sources and quantifiable research.

Jason Mathis simply does not want to hear citizen experiences and expertise with illegal immigration. He noted that personal experiences are isolated and, thus, insignificant. The fact is personal experience does factor into policies as government and society weigh consequences. What may seem a minor problem based on numbers in a report can make us shudder and deem it entirely unacceptable when faced with the tangible outcome.

Effectively, this is a ruse to lock out citizens while picking studies and groups to listen to. Furthermore, the studies will have a tendency to be rapid-fire and poorly vetted in order to meet deadlines for commission recommendations. An example of a rushed and flawed immigration study can be found on KSL related to illegal immigrant crime. KSL ended up with egg on its face as sampling-savvy commenters tore the methodology and conclusions to shreds.  Then there’s the factor of picking and choosing studies (especially in a commission stacked with pro-amnesty special interests).

The fact of the matter is the commission is supposed to take citizen comment and feedback into consideration. When first formed, the exclusionary precedent was set as citizen members were not invited to the first meeting. Mero carried on the precedent and it is still being pushed. This is just another example of insiders telling us to shut up and let them have their way.

I’m not buying it and I hope you won’t either.

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