Utah Educational Affirmative Action Program Targets Charter Schools

This is one that came out of left field and I have no idea where the legislation enacting this began (or what legislation this provision was hidden in).  Admittedly, it will take some digging to figure it out.  Further, I really don’t have any qualms with the below groups but do have a serious problem with preferential social engineering.

Charter schools, particularly those with a good educational reputation, can be tough to get into based on the numbers entering in admission lotteries (special exception were, understandably, made for siblings).  Now, however, the legislature has intervened and decided certain groups should be given special treatment.  From American Preparatory Academy’s online enrollment application:

Priority Consideration

Announcement: Due to the change in the state law regarding charter school enrollment priorities, we may be able to give a priority to students who:

Are refugees or whose family members are refugees
Speak a language other than English as the primary language in their home

Do you speak a language other than English as the primary language in the home?
Did you, your parents, or your children enter the United States under refugee status?

Prior to this, everyone was on an even keel – all could attend a traditional public school and have an equal chance to draw a charter school slot.  Now,  capricious social planning is providing  politician(s)’ favored groups an preferential treatment.

3 thoughts on “Utah Educational Affirmative Action Program Targets Charter Schools

  1. I am a teacher at a charter school in North Carolina and one of the best things about it is the freedom that it provides. The school itself really is a school of choice. If the government starts regulating who attends then what is next? They regulate what books need to be taught? They might as might as well just make the charter school into a government school if they are going to do it that way.

  2. I have been unable to find any new law for charter schools regarding enrollment priorities. Please advise if you ever found anything. I believe it is about the $$$ – minorities and low income families allow schools to get more money.

    • Melissa,

      I admittedly didn’t follow-up to find out which law required this. Based on the date, I assume it was passed in the 2012 legislative session and would likely be found under an “Education” bill subject search. However, I have no idea which bill put this into effect.

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