Followup: The ITIN, Illegal Immigration, Fraud, And Billions In Tax Payouts

A few months ago, I caught a local Indiana news station’s (WTHR) investigative report about billions ($4.2 billion per year) in tax money being paid-out (particularly to illegal immigrants) by fraudulent means. ITINs are used by illegal aliens who also include dependents for refunds/credits even if the dependents (real or not) are not living in the US. The IRS then intentionally allows the forms to be processed, specifically instructing agents to ignore obvious fraud (as noted by whistle-blowers interviewed by WTHR).

The station has continued its investigation and finally made national headlines:

Report finds widespread fraud in taxpayer ID program

Here is the WTHR report that summarizes their findings and prompted the above headlines:

They also released another followup report yesterday. WTHR has also put up a page where they post current (and future) reports related to this matter:

Tax loophole investigation

WTHR and investigative reporter Bob Segall should be congratulated for continuing to investigate the issue and getting it as far as it has thus far. Mr. Howard Antelis, the only non-anonymous whistle-blower, also deserves credit given the retribution he may face. The IRS now says it will address this but we shall see, especially considering the apparent retaliation against Mr. Antelis.


3 thoughts on “Followup: The ITIN, Illegal Immigration, Fraud, And Billions In Tax Payouts

  1. […] UPDATE (June 5): Looks like not only are back taxes requirements a sham but the “undocumented immigrants” will also be getting tax credits – Tax credit bonanza for illegal immigrants? Remember, tax credits are direct payments (with your money) to the filer (unlike deductions that reduce the amount taxed).  Then again, this may not be that new…they are simply legalizing a practice that so far is illegal but, thanks to IRS neglect, has been costing us billions. […]

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