Under The Rug: Obama’s DHS, Illegal Immigrant Deferred Action and Child Identity Theft

A few months ago, three sisters in Utah were granted prosecutorial discretion (deferred action) where Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff played a key role. At that time, I asked Mr. Shurtleff if any attempt had been made to determine the Social Security Numbers (SSN) used by the sisters and inform the victims and Mr. Shurleff, who lauds the program, never returned a reply to the question. Therefore, I asked the DHS spokeswoman involved in the case. It serves as an omen of the Obama Administration’s (and Shurtleff’s) continued and future disregard for the victims of illegal alien-driven child identity theft.

I emailed Ms. Kice back and forth in an attempt to have the above question answered and she too refused to answer. Rather, she tried to avoid/spin the question by noting that identity theft in general is important to ICE but consistently demurred from actually answering the question whether applicants are screened and victims informed. Clearly, they make no such effort.

Nevertheless, in her final email, she did divulge some information and it explicitly demonstrates the utter disregard for the problem and victims (emphasis added):

As the links below make clear, large-scale identity theft is a priority for ICE. And clearly, if there is suspicion a person is involved in ongoing criminal activity, or if they have been previously arrested for such, that would weigh heavily on the decision to exercise prosecutorial discretion in a case.




You are assuming that all individuals who are working illegally in the U.S. do so using stolen Social Security information. While that certainly does occur, in other instances individuals use bogus numbers that aren’t assigned to a particular individual.

Virginia Kice
Western Regional Communications Director/Spokesperson
U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE)

It is true that not all illegal aliens steal an identity. However, a majority engage in such (for example, in 2005 the Actuary of the Social Security Administration estimated that 75% pay payroll taxes which requires an SSN – an ITIN can’t be used. Yes, a portion of the aforementioned 75% use ‘unallocated’ SSNs. However, that only means they will one day be allocated (most likely to a newborn child) who will, therefore, be born into identity theft and receive a corrupted SSN (to include corrupt credit records, employment history, tax status, medical history, and potentially, criminal history). This too is incredibly destructive to the individual who is issued the compromised number – a recent Utah illustration is that of Mrs. Andrushko’s five-year-old son, Carter (snippets):

She explained that Ms. Aguirre used her son’s Social Security number for employment purposes, to obtain credit and even to get medical care. Ms. Andrushko told the court how hard it has been to determine the damage done to her son’s future and how after three years of constant effort, she has only scratched the surface.

The court heard that Ms. Andrushko was exceptionally concerned that her son’s Social Security number had been used by a 38 year old, Hispanic female with a different blood type, different allergies and different medical conditions since this could lead to the corruption of her son’s medical records with life threatening consequences.

Ms. Andrushko pointed out that [the defendant] had seriously compromised if not destroyed her son’s future and that as his mother, she was doing everything possible to recover his good name and to avoid future problems.

The judge inquired about getting a new Social Security number for the victim. Mr. Hamp explained that that would be just one more burden on the victim and that there was no guarantee that the new Social Security number would not be compromised. [emphasis added]

I guarantee that no applicants for Obama’s backdoor amnesty executive decision will be screened nor victims informed or SSN records scrubbed just as was the earlier case in Utah. Current and future victims like Carter and their parents will be left to deal with the aftermath.


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