New Indoctrination: “Free” School Breakfast

School started a few weeks ago and I got a surprise.  I was informed that the first 10 minutes of school is now set aside for a mandatory free breakfast for all students.  It doesn’t matter if they want it or not nor does income level factor in.  Everyone is given their “free government cheese”.

Evidently, parents simply can’t be trusted to feed their own children.  Before anyone retorts about low income parents troubles, don’t bother.  This is not means tested at all.  Furthermore, low income families qualify for food stamps and have the food at home to provide breakfast (and yes I do know people on food stamps).  Am I to understand they are refusing to provide any food to their children?!  C’mon.

What is more upsetting, however, is the destructive nature of this program.  It tells kids that they and their parents are not responsible for their own most basic of needs.  No, no, that too is the responsiblity of government and your neighbors.  It intimates that you and your parents are incapable of taking care of you.  Everyone else should be expected to provide for you with no effort of your own because you can’t.    It strikes the to the core of individual responsibility and self-esteem.  It fully trades all that in for entitlement and dependancy.

Under this program, children, starting in kindergarten, are ingrained with the mentality that government is their sole provider.

Obviously, my family will be discussing the issue at home.  We’ll certainly discuss the responsibility to provide for ourselves and not burden our neighbors.  We’ll also be emphasizing that somebody paid for that breakfast (it is NOT free!) and the appropriateness of taking another’s money without their permission.  Furthermore, breakfast will be served (and eaten) at home.

I hope that the school breakfasts will be left, uneaten, on the desk each morning and the 10 minutes spent on actual school activities.


3 thoughts on “New Indoctrination: “Free” School Breakfast

  1. The indoctrination starts early…and is ‘oh so subtle’ unless you know what the true motives of a progressive government are. This nanny state mentality is unsustainable. We simply can’t afford so many unnecessary entitlement programs. But worse than the financial cost is the toll it takes on the American principles of self-reliance, personal accountability, small government, and liberty. This program, (and so many like it) under the guise of compassion, are nothing more than a means to lead people onto the slippery slope of complete government dependence.

    This is not a compassionate program. This is another link in the chain of the enslavement of the American people.

    Good article. I hope others follow your lead and ensure their children recognize the fallacies of these types of programs.

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