Farcical Games On Utah’s Amnesty Law (HB116)

Who’s up for another legislative ruse on HB116?

All of a sudden Curt Bramble and Becky Lockhart have their panties in a bunch about HB116.  They’re worried Utah is going to justifiably get sued for a clearly unconstitutional law.  Don’t be fooled by the article’s title (“Utah lawmakers may gut guest-worker law“):

“If we don’t repeal the trigger, we must establish the whole program,” Bramble said. “It will cost the state a lot of money to set up, and any employer who hires with the state-issued permit would be subject to being sued by the federal government.”

Last I heard, the bill was supposed to be a bring in revenue.  Now they’re worried about it costing money.  However, as your read the article, it is clear they really don’t care a lick about the other myriad of flaws in the bill and still refuse to address the disregard for victims of illegal immigrant driven identity theft.  Their only care is that the trigger date is approaching and they know it will cost us dearly.

That, of course, doesn’t bother Paul Mero:

Paul Mero, president of The Sutherland Institute and signer of the compact, opposed removal of the enactment date and creation of a new E-Verify law.

Then again, Mero figures taxpayers will bear the costs of the law – I don’t see him offering to pay for it, nor pay for victims’ assistance.  I guess he’s opposed to crony capitalism unless it benefits him.  He’s not alone in that – the Salt Lake Chamber of Commerce effectively wrote the law.  They were out for a cheep labor pool and legislators were out to buy votes.  Too bad amnesty schemes are shown to consistently backfire on Republicans (see here, here, and here too).

Long story short – nothing substantive will happen with the bill.  Maybe they’ll change the date and let Obama/Holder handle the rest even if it is by unconstitutional* executive fiat.  Given Mark Shurtleff buddying up to Obama and meeting the Mexican Ambassador, that would be no surprise.

*Assuming the Constitution means anything anymore.


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