HB116: Time To Put Up Or Shut Up (SB 225)

In 2011, during a late night session with negligible public review or debate, the legislature passed HB116 which creates a Utah amnesty for illegal immigrants.  Shortly thereafter the bill was touted as a great program and model for the entire nation by proponents and legislative supporters with Senator Curt Bramble acting as the coordinator and head cheerleader.

The law is to go into effect this year, at a significant cost to the state, and will comprise of several significant costs including the likelihood of litigation since the bill is conceded by everyone to be unconstitutional.  Yet Senator Bramble (and the Salt Lake Chamber of Commerce) are now wimping out by altering the enactment date (via SB225).  This is pure deceit.  If the bill is as wonderful as the architects (Bramble/Salt Lake Chamber) and its proponents continue to herald, then they should man-up and be allowed it to go into effect.

If the bill really is so troublesome that implementation must be delayed, then an immediate repeal of HB116 is in order to avoid the various costs, unconstitutional nature, and significant flaws the bill encompasses.  No wonder why the architects of the precursory Utah Compact don’t want their “fingerprints on it”.

I would urge you to contact your legislators an ask that they oppose any motion (SB 225) to alter HB116’s effective date and support a repeal.  Tell them to stop pretending that this is the best thing since sliced bread and repeal this disaster.

Take it away Sen. Bramble…


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