Double Standard Or No Standard: Salt Lake Dream Team And Amnesty Proponents

The Salt Lake Tribune again highlights an illegal immigrant facing deportation and having to leave her family (Fight swirls around deportation of Utah mother of five). However, this serves as the perfect example of the duplicitous nature of amnesty (aka “immigration reform”) and the one-sided compassion embraced by proponents. The article starts with the family angle:

Brenda Guzman’s five children — ages 1 to 6 — stood shyly before TV cameras Wednesday as activists asked officials publicly not to deport their mother, who immigrated illegally when she was 6. They say it shows why Congress needs to enact compassionate immigration reform to keep families together.

Then the Salt Lake Dream Team is quoted as lobbying to get Representative Jim Matheson to step in and keep her here:

…after making pleas for help to Utah’s congressional delegation. “We want the community to know what these families are going through — that the broken immigration system is going to take the mother” of the children.

She said Guzman, 22, could qualify to stay here through the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program — because she was brought into the country when she was 6 years old.

That is the single side of the issue employed by the “keep families together” crowd that turns a blind eye to victims and the associated crimes. And yes, at this time, LDS Church Public Affairs is the gorilla in the room that employs this line as well. To the Trib writer’s credit, he gives us a clear picture. Check out the rap-sheet:

…faced with eviction, so she attempted to obtain a payday loan by using a made-up Social Security number. The lender caught it and notified police, and she later pleaded guilty to Class A misdemeanors for attempted fraud and identity theft. She was sentenced to a work program.

But court records show she missed court appearances to report on her work, so an arrest warrant was issued….it was not Guzman’s first run-in with the law. She also had pleaded guilty in recent years to driving without a license, driving without insurance and speeding — and paid fines. She also had several judgments against her for defaulting on other payday loans and for rent from an apartment complex.

We still don’t know who’s Social Security Number she used for her employment but this perfectly demonstrates the one-sided view amnesty proponents want us to swallow. It demonstrates the utter disregard for the crimes committed and victims left in the wake. As noted in the article, what if a US citizen had committed the above? Should US citizens and legal immigrant ID thieves receive the same compassion (victims be damned) so they can remain with their families? Are their families of less worth?

Behold the double standard…or utter lack of standards.


2 thoughts on “Double Standard Or No Standard: Salt Lake Dream Team And Amnesty Proponents

  1. I do know several that haven’t been caught yet, using fake SSN to file taxes so they can get Earned Income Credit using kid’s names that aren’t even in the US. It is a burden to the taxpayers but it is also because they are told they can do that in the US by those in trust positions. I have a son in law that did this for years until he found out that it was illegal for him to do so. He is facing deportation right now but he has been here since he was 14 years old. His Dad brought him over back then. He is 32 years old now. He has a job that no one in the US wants. He does commercial roofing. He works hard to support his family and is doing it all legal now. I guess what I am trying to say is, these people are taught by Americans that doing these things are OK. It is later that they are penalized for doing what they were told was illegal. No one goes after the Americans that know it is wrong.

  2. I know several US born and legal immigrants who work in commercial roofing. Americans do the job as is shown by companies who use e-verify to hire legal workers. I’ve done worse jobs (I literally shoveled manure to get bills paid).

    Also, if he worked for a legitimate company, he used a fraudulent SSN that may belong to another person (creating a victim of ID theft and worse if he obtained credit, medical services, etc on that SSN).

    A small subset of US citizens said it was OK for him/his family to break the law – that does not mean the rest bear responsibility for such. I am more than happy to see those who’ve done so also to bear the cost for engaging in unfair and exploitative business practices. However, just because someone tells you to do something wrong doesn’t absolve you from responsibility. Just ask people who followed the advice of advocates of not paying taxes. I have a feeling the IRS doesn’t blink at “Mr. Smith told me I didn’t have to pay if I didn’t want to”.

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