Illegal Immigrant ID Theft And The FTC

I have previously highlighted WTHR’s Bob Segall’s reports on illegal immigrants raking in billions in illegitimate IRS refunds. I need to keep better tabs on him. A little while ago, he completed a three part report on an illegal immigrant’s identity theft and the victims and damage left in his wake:

Targeting children: the young victims of identity theft
Indianapolis man charged with stealing child’s identity
Identity theft suspect sentenced to one year in prison

As I documented so many times before, illegal immigration is not a victimless crime. This is by no means an outlier nor limited to Indiana. It is in Utah and nation wide. The fact is that illegal aliens need an SSN to work for a legitimate employer and, as noted by Segall, children’s identities are the prime target. This is exactly why we need to address Utah’s currently toothless E-Verify law.

Interestingly enough, Segall also repeatedly cites FTC data on identity fraud against minors. Utah has plenty of those as well. While illegal immigrants are not the sole source, per the Social Security Administration’s chief actuary, they are a large driver. Is it any wonder identity theft continues to top the FTC’s Consumer Complaints?


One thought on “Illegal Immigrant ID Theft And The FTC

  1. We all seem to be well aware of the issue at hand. Identity theft targeting our children by illegals is a big problem and it’s here to stay unless there is a collective effort fight this thing head on, once and for all. A total collective effort from the parents of these children, all the way to the FTC and every person and agency in between. We are very resilient as Americans and if we want to combat this thing we will! Thanks for a very good article. Here is some other good information also:

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