Billions Saved Stopping IRS Tax Fraud Malfeasance May Be Overturned

I should be ashamed. Last year I started tracking an investigation Bob Segall with WTHR had begun on illegal immigrants fraudulently collecting credits and refunds using fraudulent ITINS and, thereby, submitting falsified IRS forms. I dropped the ball and didn’t follow the investigation. At least not until

Since the last time I posted, Segall continued to press the story and highlight the Inspector General’s and IRS whistleblower efforts to stop the IRS practice of allowing the fraud. Coincidentally, Mr. George is the IG who reported on the IRS specifically targeting conservative groups. That scandal is still unfolding.

Really, the sanctioned procedure of allowing $4 Billion per year in fraudulent claims should have been a scandal all on its own. Despite no congressional or national media investigations on why this was allowed and why IRS tax processors were directed to allow it, Mr. Segall has won a sizeable victory. Click here for the full listing of his reports including video.

According to Segall’s December report the IRS was enacting new rules and procedures improving document verification in order to stop the fraud. The rules were supposed to be in effect this year and applicable to 2012 income tax filing. The only lingering question that I wish Segall have followed up on is if the IRS did actually enforce the new rules or just paid lip service to the problem? Have we seen the projected billions in savings from interdicting the fraud? Are perpetrators being pursued and prosecuted?

Hopefully, those questions will be answered. Nonetheless, Segall and WTHR deserve great credit for potentially saving taxpayers billions…billions. I certainly hope he gets a lot more recognition than just this post!

The irony of course, is that the “Gang of 8” undocumented worker amnesty bill will likely legalize the tax credits and we’ll see the billions flowing out of taxpayers pockets again: Tax Credit Bonanza For Illegal Immigrants

Exit question: Assuming we did save the money, what’s the over/under that congress blew it on pork?


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