UPDATE: Obamacare Redux: Immigration (Gang of 8 Bill) – Temporary Post

Harry Reid is expected to press for cloture on the Gang of 8 illegal immigration amnesty bill.  To get a consolidated primer on the issues within the bill (including amnesty from identity theft and a $10K fine for informing victims thereof) see my prior post (scroll down to see updates).

As far as an Obamacare redux, Reid is employing two tactics used to get that mess down our throats:

1. Pay off Senators with pork to vote for it…termed “special interest provisions designed to secure the votes”.  See here for a prime example of such a payoff.

2. Don’t let anyone read the bill before voting on it.

3.  It includes perverse incentives, ironically thanks to Obamacare, make it more expensive to hire a qualified US citizen (incentivizes hiring amnestied illegal immigrants).

Again, please read the prior post for some of the stuff that has been found in the bill language prior to substitution.  Now would be a great time to contact your US Senator (remind them that a vote for cloture is a vote for the bill).  Do also note this is a temporary post that will be deleted in a few days (the links can be found on the consolidated post).

UPDATE: More kickbacks and another loophole:
Casino Kickback: Reid, Heller Slip Las Vegas Tourism Handout
Bernie Sanders adds jobs bill to immigration legislation

Repackaged Amnesty Bill Allows Napolitano to Nix Border Fence

For an easy way to contact the Senate, a toll free number can also be used (note it is from a pro-amnesty group). The number is 1-888-979-7506.  After the message, press 2 for Senators and enter your zip code – you can also enter 0 for the Capitol switchboard to ask for any other Senator you wish to contact.

UPDATE (June 26): So Hatch voted for cloture without reading the bill (I asked his office and enjoyed listening to the poor interns try to redefine “read”). He has since run to the Tribune and stated he’s going to vote for the bill. Apparently, he found the time to pen the article rather than using it to read (part of) the bill. I guess, reading the bill proponents’ talking points passes for doing your job as a legislator. Please continue to call Hatch’s office (toll free: 888-978-3148) – don’t let him claim he didn’t hear any opposition from constituents.

So what is Hatch going to support? First, the above documented flaws remain (he’s cool with them including the fine for informing ID theft victims).

The hiring unintended consequence came as a “surprise” to several Senators who also didn’t read the bill. They pledged to fix it and Senator Cruz gave them the opportunity to fix it…and they refused.

Boehner is saying the House won’t consider the Senate version. I don’t trust him, this is weasel wording (ie House will pass a different version…which then goes to conference committee and we magically end up with the Senate version being crammed down our throats). Nothing resembling the Senate bill should be considered (otherwise we run the risk of the conference committee). Keep calling your House Representative.

Edit: Hey, remember when Rubio said allowing gay partner sponsorship under the bill would be a deal breaker?  Me too.

DOMA ruling has direct impact on immigration. Married same-sex couples can now sponsor foreign partners. No need for Leahy amendment, right?

— Ryan Lizza (@RyanLizza) June 26, 2013

Closing Update (July 2): Finally, the last update (I’ll begin a new post if/when the House puts up a bill). Hatch voted for the bill and Lee against. The battle is now at the House where they are, thus far, not interested in the Senate version. Hopefully that holds, I just worry if the House passes a decent bill if Reid and the Gang won’t play “reconciliation” games to stick us with their mess of a bill. If they can even remotely use the reconciliation trick, they may well have poisoned the well this congress and it might be better to pass absolutely no immigration legislation whatsoever.

So here are some worthy parting links on the fiasco that remains the Senate/Gang of 8 amnesty bill:

Senator Hatch is exposed for the double standard he places on individual back taxes versus businesses.

More pork spending is discovered in the bill.

Hugh Hewitt pinned down Hoeven on the fence, who then effectively admits the fence provision is a sham. Meanwhile, we find out how many DUIs an illegal immigrant can be convicted of and still get citizenship.

As wrap-up, here’s a brief article on the Hoeven-Corker amendment highlighting the fake enforcement provisions vs real amnesty.

Finally, here’s the link to the almost 1,200 page bill (PDF) in all it’s glory…and, yes, the ID theft amnesty and fine for informing a victim sections are still in the bill. Again, be aware, the bill is full of references amending other statutes, so it is really much longer than a cozy 1,200 page bedtime read.


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