Progress: Kaysville Residents Temporarily Stop Power Funds Transfer (Update – Now Permanent)

I just found out about this, but kudos to Kaysville residents on their fight: Kaysville council votes to cancel fund transfer

Funds will not be transferred from the city’s electric utility fund for use in its general fund, after a vote taken on Tuesday.

City council members voted unanimously to support the amended budget, after hearing testimony from concerned citizens earlier this month and discussing the transfer at a work session last week.

…A group of residents opposed the transfer from the outset and collected enough signatures to get an initiative on the ballot this coming November, that would prevent the city from making transfers in the future.

In light of the initiative, council members decided against transferring the funds this year.

Clearly, the fight isn’t over yet. The real victory will be if the initiative is passed and this insidious practice ends.

Hopefully, that will also bode well for other cities, including Bountiful (now transferring $2.37 million), where it appears others, besides myself, have taken notice: Bountiful fund transfer raises ire.

UPDATE (November 2013): Kaysville residents just made this permanent.  Proposition 5 which prohibits such transfers passed during this election.  Congratulations!  Hope more cities will follow suit.


One thought on “Progress: Kaysville Residents Temporarily Stop Power Funds Transfer (Update – Now Permanent)

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