House GOP Predictably Demonized By Obama, Dems On DREAM Act Plan

There is no reviewable proposal on amnesty from the US House but Boehner is floating an idea to grant amnesty to illegal immigrant children (those brought in with their parents). This is better known as the DREAM Act (which Senator Hatch has sponsored in the past). A good round up on the proposal can be found at the following:
Key House committee to hold hearing on DREAM amnesty for young illegals tomorrow; Update: DREAM groups oppose

Boehner: It’s time to do something for the children of illegal immigrants

As noted at the link, amnesty proponents, including the ‘DREAMers’ who’ve been pursuing this very bill quickly rejected it in favor of demands for amnesty for every illegal immigrant. Previously, I predicted if Republicans went down this path (even if it is passed and signed into law by Obama), the party would be demonized as heartlessly separating families. Prediction confirmed:

A White House senior adviser is accusing the House GOP of “cruel hypocrisy” for contemplating legal status for unauthorized immigrants brought to the U.S. as children — without also legalizing their parents.

Additionally, you’ll note stemming the flow of illegal immigration took a back seat to “legalization first”. I’m also willing to guess that Boehner and House leadership will cast a blind eye to the victims of illegal immigrant SSN (identity) theft.

Finally, if Boehner and the House manage to pass a DREAM Act, be ready for a closed door conference committee where Sen. Corker and the Senate can basically do whatever they want with the bill…including cramming what amounts to the cluster that is the Senate Immigration Bill down our throats.  Thereafter, they will continue to be demonized and demagogued by the left on the amnesty issue and left to wonder where it all went wrong when their anticipated Hispanic votes never materialize.

Exit question: What’s the over/under for the LDS Public Affairs department celebrating the White House’s use of their “families” demagoguery?


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