Latest Illegal Immigration Amnesty News Summary- Captain Obvious Edition

Sometimes, you have the choice of tearing your hair out at the antics coming from Congress or try to get a chuckle out of it. I’ve opted for the latter. As a bit of background, let’s start with the shock…SHOCK! at the White House and DREAM Act supporters slamming House Republicans and Boehner for…drafting the DREAM Act.

Finally ending the charade, McCain admitted that, yeah, amnesty isn’t going to get the GOP a single Hispanic vote after all. There goes that ridiculous “justification” to pass his Senate shinola sandwich bill. Maybe he felt ashamed that he didn’t know what was in the bill he voted for? Nah, actually, McCain’s been on a ‘come clean’ run this week when he also affirmed the (sham vote-buying) border surge really probably won’t happen and can’t wait for the House to pass anything he can slap into conference committee to turn back into the Senate version. Has he been watching Liar, Liar?

Believe it or not, elite GOP donors are pushing hard for amnesty ‘to save the party’. I wonder how they feel about McCain torpedoing their rationalization:

The donors, led by former Bush administration Cabinet officials Carlos Gutierrez and Spencer Abraham, also said that immigrants are potential Republican voters who can be won over…

Meh, honestly, most who’ve paid attention to the issue never really fell for that anyway. They didn’t have a whole lot of credibility for McCain undermine.

In the meantime, amnesty supporters decided it would be a good idea to block streets and traffic while demanding they get a free pass into the country unavailable to legal and prospective legal immigrants. Here’s their justification tweet:

Dreams are shut down every day we don’t have #CIR, so we’re shutting down traffic in DC…

Heh, even one of Mark Shurtleff’s friends (Sharry) from the National Immigration Forum was arrested. No worries, they’ll all qualify for “deferred action” (TM).

Another report finds that DHS officials manipulating and ignoring illegal crossing data and refuse to let anyone (even academic panels) see the data. But c’mon they can totally be trusted to provide accurate “effectiveness rate” data that will determine when trigger Senate amnesty bill measures.

This leads us to the Guardian reporting a study discovering that soon-to-be illegal immigrants are, curiously, not all that worried about arrest/deportation when entering a country with lax law enforcement and continual pushes for amnesty. Who knew?! I’m sure that won’t affect future illegal immigration…certainly, they’ll respect our enforcement promises this time around.

On a serious note, Mickey Kaus provides some pertinent advice: Better not be silent or plan on eating amnesty – call/email your Representative voicing your opposition to amnesty today!

Finally, we have Ms. Deam-And-Pass Pelosi threatening to do an end run around the House GOP to ram amnesty down our throats. Inconceivable!

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