Does Utah State Senator Reid Have Amnesia?

I think selective amnesia really a very common ailment among politicians.  It really should be clinically diagnosed by now…

According to Senator Stuart Reid’s op-ed (Congress neglecting duty on immigration reform)  in the Salt Lake Tribune:

HB116…was also passed after a long and emotional debate.


HB 116 is Utah’s illegal immigrant amnesty bill and anyone paying attention knows that it was passed with virtually no debate late on the very same night as the panned HB477 (which limited access to government records, particularly legislative communications, under GRAMA).  HB477 sucked up the maority of attention as it impacted the media which didn’t report on HB116.  Ultimately, both bills were developed behind closed doors in rushed process where legislators didn’t have time to read or publicly debate the bills before voting on them.

Just like Obamacare and other rushed, unvetted bills, major flaws and unintended consequences with huge repercussions were observed.  Beyond that, the bill is clearly unconstitutional.  Thus, this year, they delayed implementation of HB116…and didn’t fix any portion of the bill.  Senator Reid then bemoans (emphasis added):

If Congress fails to reform immigration, Utah will be faced with trying to manage immigration problems not of its own making, potentially without the necessary authority to do so. This is an untenable position for Utah to be in.

HB116 was of Utah’s own making with the knowledge that it was outside our scope of constitutional authority to do so.  The bill itself had a constitutional warning attached from the Legislative Counsel’s office!  Better yet, I’ll give you three guesses (and the first two don’t count) on who the Senate Floor Sponsor for HB 116 was .

For the record: selective amnesia exists.  It is known as “Lacunar amnesia” – Senator Reid must have a chronic case…or he just nuked the BS meter.

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