Fruit Heights Opts To Crush Entrepreneur (Recycling)

It seems to be official.  Fruit Heights is poised to kill a private recycling business that has served residents for almost a decade.

Fruit Heights began looking at a forced recycling program with an opt-out option and was foiled by Mountain West Recycling’s entrepreneurial spirit.  Rather than encourage it, the city subsequently attempted to crush that spirit.  The city then suffered a temporary setback thanks to the State Auditor.  Undeterred, Fruit Heights corrected the problem and is again ready to steamroll the potential competition with tax funds:

Robinson Waste wins Fruit Heights recycling bid

There is only one possibility* left to stop the city’s grab and it rests with the Fruit Heights residents:

If enough opt-out of the mandatory recycling fee, the program will not be economically feasible and the free market and individual private companies will continue to be able to openly compete for residents’ business.  Here’s hoping they will notice what is going on, step up, and flood the city with opt-out requests.

*Note: this assumes the new contract still allows opt-out.  Beware as cities are known to quickly change opt-out recycling to mandatory recycling (here too) if they feel they might lose. Also, the city may have pulled the subsidy bait-and-switch they proposed (see the “crush that spirit” link) to further seduce unwitting residents away from Mountain West Recycling.


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