Update On Bountiful’s City Hall Cost Overrun (Plus Recycling Fee Extension)

First, see here for the cost overrun background.

The good news is the city hall and art/museum center pet projects were put on hold by a single vote margin. The bad new is the hold is just temporary and there will be a push to move forward on the art/museum pet project:

…Among them was Dean Collinwood, who gathered signatures for a letter against the project. He offered an “alternative B” that would construct a new building for arts and a historical museum with about $2 million to remodel the existing city hall…Its executive director, Emma Dugal, wanted to avoid delay in the project.

Richard Higginson, Tom Tolman, and Fred Moss voted to table the project until a cost study can be completed. John Marc Knight and (mayoral hopeful) Beth Holbrook voted ‘damn the torpedoes, full steam ahead’. Barring your action, expect the city to jump through the cost study hoop and then approve all projects for who know how many million in tax money…or to sum this post in a single acronym: BOHICA.

I would highly suggest continuing to pressure the city council to permanently drop the projects.

On a side note: I believe the city council approved the extension of the mandatory recycling fee (another pet project they surreptitiously opted to force everyone to pay for).


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