Act Now: Time Running Out To Opt-Out Of Fruit Heights Recycling Tax

I followed the Fruit Height recycling fiasco for while now. Click here for the prior posts on the city purposefully forcing out a private recycling company for their program. That brings us to the present and time is running out to opt-out (while they still allow such…remember, they can try to make the fee mandatory later as Bountiful City did).

There are three ways to opt-out of being forced to pay the recycling fee (tax). You only have until November 30th, however. Don’t put it off.

1. Call the city at 801-546-0861 and tell them you want to opt out

2. Email the City Manager

3. Fill out the opt-out form (which includes statements to shame you into not signing)

Be aware that opting-out is apparently time limited. If you don’t opt-out and decide you won’t use the program, it’s a bit like Hotel California – “You can check-out any time you like, But you can never leave!”

Remember, as many have done, you can still contract with a private curbside recycler (see prior posts for an example). Unlike the city, they don’t obligate you for life.

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