Example Of Illegal Immigrant Tax Fraud In Utah?

I recently posted a follow-up on Bob Segall’s series dealing with the billions/year illegal immigrant tax fraud that the IRS continues to allow despite Inspector General reports. I highly recommend the investigative series. Segall’s done a great job which will, hopefully, save us billions per year…if the IRS does anything about it.

Segall’s investigation was limited to Indiana. However, it looks like a Utah company engaged in similar behavior (DOJ claims Orem tax preparer cost government $416M). That company crossed the line where the IRS doesn’t seem to care (child tax credit fraud) to where they do (deductions for fake entities etc):

The U.S. Department of Justice asked a federal court in Salt Lake City to bar Sergio Fernando Sosa and his company, Sergio Centro Latino, from preparing tax returns for others…A complaint in U.S. District Court alleges Sosa falsely claims dependents, earned income tax credits and child tax credits for customers. He also files business returns with expenses and deductions for fake entities, underreported income and inflated expenses…

The report indicates a $416 million loss over five years. I’m not sure how much of that consists of the IRS-complicit fraudulent tax credits to illegal immigrants Segall found but it would be interesting to know.


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