A Herbert-Salt Lake Chamber Merger?

Just a quick blurb on an emerging pattern with Governor Herbert’s administration. Governor Herbert is known to be cozy with the Salt Lake Chamber of Commerce. Now we’re moving to a full-on love affair.

Over the course of the past few months, Gov. Herbert has hired the Salt Lake Chamber’s Marty Carpenter as his spokesman and, now, Wesley Smith as his Washington DC liaison. Both were big advocates of Utah’s critically flawed amnesty legislation (HB116) while with the Chamber as well.

The choices should please US House GOP leadership, however, since they are virtually acting as a subsidiary of the US Chamber of Commerce on this issue. Their money seems to be behind Boehner et al disregarding warnings and focusing something very few consider a priority, with a president willing to unilaterally block established laws, and pulling attention away from the disaster that is Obamacare.

Exit questions:
The Salt Lake Chamber, like the US Chamber, is pushing House GOP leadership ram through their amnesty-light bill. Will Wesley Smith (with a tax paid salary) be lobbying the House to pass this new shinola (ie filling in for Mark Shurtleff)?

Are both Carpenter and Smith retaining jobs at the Salt Lake Chamber when they end their terms with Gov. Herbert?

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