Senator Bramble’s Illegal Immigration Hokey Pokey (UPDATE)

For the second year in a row, Senator Bramble wants to kick the can down the road on his super-wonderful Utah illegal immigrant amnesty bill (2011 HB116). Why? This time, he doesn’t think the feds will grant any waivers.

Waivers? C’mon Senator Bramble, you’re affirming that the bill is unconstitutional but who really cares about that? Obama has clearly demonstrated he’s good with unconstitutional executive orders waiving immigration enforcement/laws, HB116 totally qualifies, baby. You’ve got friends in high places – let’s go full steam ahead with this Salt Lake Chamber of Commerce panacea!

Last year, Bramble showed himself to be nothing more than the “great pretender” on his beloved 2011 HB116. This year, his tune is more hokey pokey.

UPDATE: Should’ve known.  Bramble is out to butter his own bread with this.  If he would’ve left the previous bill/date alone, he would’ve had to change/delay it close to his election year (what politician would want to remind voters of the crap sandwich they passed?).  By moving the date to 2017, he can hokey pokey after his next election.  As usual, he’s using his Chicago-style politics (ala Obama) to look out for #1.

3 thoughts on “Senator Bramble’s Illegal Immigration Hokey Pokey (UPDATE)

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