SB36 vs HB302: Forced Disclosure, Personal Risk vs. Respect Of Privacy

Just a quick update on SB36 and HB302.

SB36 is out of the Senate they passed it knowing that the bill is pure sophistry designed to make voters think their information is safe when it is nothing of the sort. Better yet, the bill was amended to force even more personal information disclosure – this time to the health care industry (who knows what for).

As an added bonus, SB36 will also continue to endanger registered voters (such as domestic violence victims) as they have no means to remove their names from the list or block it’s online publication. All this so they can maintain goodies for their favored special-interest groups.

Meanwhile, HB302 actually would allow you to designate your personal voting information as private and prevent disclosure. Guess which one the special interest groups have historically opposed and currently oppose… They think your right to vote and safety is subservient to their enterprises.

Please contact both your State Senator and Representative and ask them to place your voting rights, privacy, and security over that of the politically-connected.  Also, consider ‘liking’ the “Protecting Utah Voters” Facebook page.

For those interested here are the testimonies presented on HB302:

Domestic abuse victim

Davis County Attorney Troy Rawlings

Utah Media Coalition Lobbyist (Utah voters personal information must be available regardless of personal circumstances and calls HB302 an overreaction)


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