Utah Voter Personal Privacy And Security Begone, Courtesy Of The Herbert Administration And The Legislature

When the personal information of every registered voter in Utah was posted to the internet at utvoters.com, it caused a stir.  Now the list, which is sold (for $1050) by the Herbert Administration, is also available at a new site.  Better yet, unlike utvoters.com, the new site does not have a mechanism to remove your personal voting information (including date of birth).  The site is also easier to search for individuals or other defining characteristics.

Want to know and LDS leader’s political affiliation and home address?  Go for it.  Want to get a police officer’s address or a judge’s address and personal information?  Too easy.  Hey, want to get their voting family’s information?  No worries.  How about, the new address of that domestic abuse victim with a restraining order…or the adoptive parents of the child you gave up…or a child abuse victim…etc, etc, etc.

The fact of the matter is, the website is not to blame.  They posted information that the Herbert (and Huntsman) administration sells.  They’ve been warned about this for years and erstwhile Lt. Governor Bell fought hard to keep the cash a-comin’ (while removing his and Herbert’s information).  Political parties (GOP and Democrat) along with political campaign consultants and media allies have also fought to ensure your right to vote is subordinate to their activities.  In Utah, your choice is to relinquish your right to vote or give these cronies all your information.  Now, pols like Senator Karen Mayne are “shocked…shocked!” that the information is online.

Mayne’s kabuki response was to draft a bill that has contains juicy exceptions for the aforementioned cronies that ultimately would virtually ensure your information would still end up online.  Fortunately, Representatives Edwards and Perry take this seriously and have a bill (HB302) that allows you to opt out of having your personal and voting information spread around.  You’ll never guess which bill the political insiders are trying to kill (and Senators are poised to accommodate).  You need to put pressure on legislators to protect your right to vote.  Please contact your Senator and Representative.  Ask them to support HB302 (Voting Records Amendments) and allow you to opt out of the information peddling.


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