Utah Counties’ Mail-In Election: Let’s Simplify Voter Fraud

Wish I could go into more detail on this but don’t have the time.  This is just a note of concern.

In Davis County, the election was run as a mail-in only election (ie ballots were mailed out to registered voters and they had to either mail them in or hand deliver them).  Personally, I really don’t at all like this methodology.  It makes me very uncomfortable and exposes the process to increased risk of fraud for one of the most fundamental rights we have. Let’s face it, it isn’t hard to grab someone else’s ballot, fill it out and mail it in or disrupt stuff by stealing ballots.  This is the low hanging fruit – certainly, there are more intricate methods to “stuff the ballot box” that this method opens up.  Nor is there really any way to verify voters’ identities.

It should also be noted that Davis County and a few other Utah counties are not the only ones experimenting with this stuff. Other states are as well and raising concerns which are being picked up by national media:

Colorado election law prompts concerns about voter fraud

I really hope this ends up as the one and only trial of this type of voting.  The vast majority are able and should be willing to get off our butts, go to the voting booth with ID, and in the process, disrupt potential voter fraud.

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