Utah Vote By Mail: No Secret Ballot

Last year, I noted how the decision to allow full vote-by-mail elections simplifies voter fraud.  This year, I noticed that we can kiss the secret ballot goodbye too.

As I was sealing my vote-by-mail envelope, I noticed that not only is my name/address etc on the outside of the envelope, but the envelope is not the secured kind (with the lines on the inside). Instead, it is a standard envelope that you can see through even without holding it up to the light.  Better yet, not only do I know who the envelope is from but I can see the ballot and what box (position/candidate) they filled in. Looks like any mail handler or individual who happens on one of these will now know how you voted.

While I understand this type of election saves money, it is paramount that elections prevent fraud and respect privacy to vote as one wishes. Entire vote-by-mail elections was a bad idea to begin with and this just doubles-down on that fact.


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