The Offended Society: Killing Freedom To Think And Our Future

I was recently in a meeting dealing with improving education. One of the teachers present stated that it is increasingly difficult to create free thinkers who seek and speak truth when societal elements are so focused anything that might offend another (regardless if it is factual or not). The statement further confirmed something that has been grating at me for years.

The US is in a downward spiral of hypersensitive offense-mongering. It started decades ago with all the BS political correct terms we were told some groups needed to be labeled as to be sensitive to their feelings (from the “garbageman” job title had to a multitude of hyphenated balkanized groups). The constant drumbeat of finding offense (under the guise of “social justice warriors” aka SJWs) has grown exponentially to find us where we are today: a culture of censorship.

We see this offended censorship all over the place now. Twitter and Facebook are examples of this encroaching censorship of divergent viewpoints and inconvenient reporting (and those who defend them). Meanwhile, they simultaneously coddle extremist SJW-annointed classes even if they advocate for violence. Quiet censorship has even lead to new vocabulary: shadowbanning. The affinity for censorship has transcended the private companies and is found in the public/government sector and government carries the weight of force.

Universities used to be a hub of free thinking where ideas could be exchanged and developed and, just as important, challenged. Not so anymore.

Many universities’ leadership and advocacy groups are well known to detest conservatives and liked disrupting their speeches. The trend surpasses the college age and indoctrination is carried to the very young. Things are much worse now where those same leaders are finding their indoctrinated pupils they and their accomplices in the media etc created are turning on them. SJW snowflakes are the ones in need of “emotional support” when a Soviet labor camp survivor they disagree with treads on campus. Even the dining hall isn’t exempt from offense-seeking outrage…and don’t dare critique a Halloween costume choice!

The movement has “progressed” so well that it is now well enforced not just by censorship and personal retribution but also physical force. Whether it is a truck decal in Salt Lake City or a US Marine at McDonalds in Washington DC. Then there’s the personal destruction culminating in the suicide of a young girl.

Twitter/Facebook are private companies and can ban who-ever they please (I absolutely defend their right to do so) and based on their company leadership, I doubt much pressure had to be applied for their decisions. Whatever. The issue is these are information companies who’s mission is purported to be open discourse. They serve as a warning of what is going on in our society as a whole: an society that demands insulation from uncomfortable facts and beliefs, otherwise known as reality.

It seems everyone is out to find fault in the smallest misstatement or misstep. Sure if someone states something immoral/shocking and actually means it, they should be called out on that (within reason) and debated. Rather, people and the media seek to find and ‘interpret’ an offense no matter how innocent or inadvertent a statement may be…And to hell with debate, forgiveness, and potential redemption! We want full personal destruction!

Good grief. We seek perfection where there can be none. People screw up all the time, come up with piss-poor ideas and say things the wrong way constantly. Now we (especially the media) refuse the right to admit an innocent mistake/failure and fix it. Nope – it can never be undone or forgotten…or simply understood as ‘that came out the wrong way but I know what s/he meant’. Instead, we pretend we don’t know what they meant and savage them.

This may well be why politicians and leaders won’t admit error no matter how obvious it may be. We demand they don’t and they know they’ll be crucified and unforgiven regardless if they do so – particularly if it is a shift away from a mainstream media/SJW-demanded position. I see this behavior all over the political spectrum (likely due to the pervasiveness in media many grew up with) but it’s particularly acute with the progressive side.

Returning back to the teacher’s comment, the nature of this censorship and constant victimhood has noticibly seeped into children. Worse than propaganda and institutional censorship: self-censorship. Kids have been indoctrinated and bullied by society to be fearful to question, discuss, and discover truth. This is helping kill the foundations of our nation and future.

Please, get some thick skin, go out and say the wrong thing, screw stuff up, admit it, fix it, learn from it and grant others the same consideration. If truth is offensive, tough luck – embrace it. When someone is intentionally offensive, debate them, shrug and move on but don’t seek to snare them or destroy their ability to speak. Reject notions of being a victimyou are in control of you destiny do not cede it to others! Tell the offense-mongers to go to hell. Fearless truth and debate is the path to a healthy, growing society.

UPDATE (2/23): New reports of SJWs dutifully burying their heads in the sand with a side of dining hall outrage:
California State University Cancels Student Group’s Event Because Speaker Is Conservative
Chick-fil-A flap rocks another American university

UPDATE (2/24): Exfoliating is also a suspect behavior… Univ. of Wisconsin Students Publicly Shamed as ‘Racists’ by School Chancellor
Addendum (2/22):

Face it, you’re going to run into a**holes. Quit whining and make the best of it:


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