Twitter Content Drawdown #FreeStacy

First, I’m not about to fool myself – the tweets are put up generally go unnoticed and are more for me than anything else. Nevertheless, I have greatly reduced my use of Twitter and stating looking for some alternatives (feel free to pass any good alternatives, if you know of any). I have also set up my own microblog so I can tweet “rattle” things of interest:


Trust me, replacing the “r” with an “s” at the end took hours of forethought and is marketing genius…or something.

Anyway, why am I capping my Twitter content? It comes down to two items. First, Twitter has made it clear that it has no interest in open dialog with its embracing of the Social Justice Warrior movement and accompanying thugocracy under the guise of the Orwellian “Trust and Safety Council” which is giving conservatives the boot (they’re ruining the echo chamber!). Twitter’s abuse form now even includes “…in disagreement with my opinion”. Snowflakes, indeed. Therefore, as put by Ace, I’m engaging in my own easy embargo:

So I will promote my site on Twitter. I will use it, but I won’t let it use me. I will use it as a soulless corporate branding device and promotional platform. If I write something I like, or if i wish to use my decent reach to promote, I’ll do so.What I won’t do is provide them free content. Any platform requires content, after all. This site would be a much poorer experience were it not for the thousands of people commenting here, adding their own takes and opinions and diversions and links to stories.

It would just be one post from me or a coblogger every hour, and a lot of dead air.

That is what I intend to give twitter: A post I think deserves promotion, and then dead air.

What Twitter needs to be healthy, as any social media platform needs to be healthy, is a buzzy, vibrant atmosphere with lots of give and take. People agreeing with each other, people disagreeing with each other. And occasionally, the spectacle of a big fat fight and feud.

I’m not going to give them that any longer, partly because they’re SJW censors and bad people, and only want my speech only to the extent it advances their purposes.

So there you have it. The ‘Rattles site can be followed with your WordPress account, email, or RSS if you like. I’ll be posting everything there with along with an occasional tweet on Twitter.


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