Elites With Protection Scoff At The Same For All

It didn’t take long for Obama and his liberal backers to politicize the shooting in Orlando:

Obama calls Orlando shooting “terrorism,” then pivots to…gun control

Here’s the WaPo web front page article:

Orlando shooting: The key things to know about about guns and mass shootings in America

First two notes: The president is clueless on guns (it was not an assault rifle – read the first line of the definition). Next, the treasonous, radical Islamist shooter has a Florida security officer license and a state firearms license and worked for a large security contractor who’s clients include DHS (not your average citizen).

As usual, clueless Obama and his equally ignorant elite companions on this issue immediately want to turn a tragedy into a knee-jerk political opportunity. Par for the course with them. I just want to point out one item of their disgusting abject hypocrisy and condescension. See if you can pick it up in this article: ISIS ‘kill list’ targets Palm Beach, Treasure Coast residents: Ex-FBI agent (via Drudge).

Here’s a hint but please read the entire article:

Former FBI agent-turned lawyer Stuart Kaplan says the threat is especially alarming, because the people on this list are civilians who don’t have the security necessary to protect themselves.

Thus, unlike the defense-grabbing elites, we have limited means of protection. One of the best equalizers (particularly for women) and modern means of personal protection for the common man is a firearm. But no, the elites get their armed entourage but we, the unwashed masses, are simply not worthy of such.

Enough already and enough almost gleefully viewing every tragedy (or vile terrorist act) as a political opportunity to ride emotion to capricious measures intended to curtail inherent individual rights. How about we just focus on things like this for now: Utah’s Imam condemns violent actions of Orlando gunman (edit: and this: AIFD Keeps Victims of Islamist Radicalism in our Thoughts and Prayers, Condemns Pulse Attack).

.UPDATE: Never let a tragedy go to waste: In The Wake Of An Islamic Terror Attack On US Soil, Democrats Plot To Disarm Americans


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