Gnashing Of Teeth Over Cruz At The GOP Convention

Not a fan of Ace’s salty language but these posts basically capture my thoughts on the Cruz kerfuffle:

Cruz Doubles Down at Texas Delegation Speech, Says He Can’t Support a Guy Who Insulted His Wife

Cruz tells Texas delegates: I won’t be a “servile puppy dog” to a man who attacked my wife and father

Be sure the watch where Trump renounced the pledge in the second link. Also, I remember Trump once said he would renounce it if the RNC was “nasty” to him yet his supporters want everyone else he’s been nasty to, to adhere to the pledge. Ace put it succinctly:

Trump picked the Rules of Engagement. He has to live with [them].

Cruz didn’t say a single bad thing about Trump in his speech. Cruz simply didn’t explicitly endorse him, something well known to Trump weeks and days in advance…and Trump, by his own admission, signed off on the speech  (maybe Trump sycophants should be mad at Trump?). What Cruz delivered was a speech on core principles with a focus on protecting and restoring Constitutional freedoms and encouraged everyone to go out and vote their conscience in November. I guess Trump’s groupies were either freaked out that Trump may not qualify as a conscience/constitutional freedom vote or miffed that Cruz didn’t surgically attach his lips to Trump’s butt.

Suck it up, Trump cupcakes.

UPDATE: Worth viewing regarding this matter (via Legal Insurrection):

Meanwhile, Trump cries like a little girl about something he approved. Funny, I thought he was running against Hillary. Good luck winning when you are too busy being a boob to focus on your opponent.


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