Will We Accept God’s Help?

For years now, this blog has generally kept everything pretty secular to avoid distracting debates over ‘who’s religion is better’. I’ve seen those pointless debates drive commenters and readers with shared values and common morals away from blogs. All from doctrinal tiffs that had nothing to do with the blog/article focus in the first place.

This post will be necessarily religious in nature and I’m warning everyone right now that I’m not going to tolerate any dumping  on anyone’s “quirky beliefs” (everyone has ’em – deal with it). While religious, this post isn’t a forum for a comparative religion debate. Disclaimer over.

I’ve long written about an erosion of fundamental values in this nation. I’ve primarily discussed Constitutional values. Today, I’m referring to the underpinnings of the Constitution itself: the morality of this nation. As John Adams stated:

Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.

This quote should shake us. Certainly, we all fall short of God’s perfection. However, the nation is well beyond that. We are now, and have long been, justifying clearly immoral acts that violate basic God-given tenets. Selfishness, envy of our neighbor, taking from neighbors (eg special interest taxes), gay marriage (and forced labor thereto), abortion heralded, out of wedlock births on the rise and sex after marriage is now considered odd…examples abound. Just look at the morality on TV as a reflection of society’s course (why do moral people consume and feed their children such destructive drivel they disagree with?).

God is a loving but just god. He is prepared to bless us as he clearly has in the past but we must accept such blessings and providence by our intents and deeds. To be blunt, as a nation we are not.

I pray that we (self included) will search to improve and repent of our wrong doings. We need to acknowledge these and return to our God-given moral principles and teach them to our children. As one calling in the wilderness: “Repent ye: for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.”

Nothing escapes God’s law. God need not lift a finger – we will push His loving hand away and choose to be left to our own self-inflicted consequences. This will not end well. God help us.

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