Don’t Fall For The GOPe’s Stooge McMullin

Two must read articles I’m cross posting here and at Utah Rattles. Please, please read the articles in their entirety. Yeah, I know Ace’s language is a bit salty but they hit the nail on the head!

First, Ace succinctly sums up why no one should fall for helping Hillary win:

Crony Criminals: Department of Justice Blocked Any FBI Inquiry Into Clinton Foundation

This is why I just don’t get NeverTrump.

Do you want a country that is still recognizably America in four years, or do you want… something darker?

Yes, Trump is an obnoxious, ignorant, possibly crooked a–hole.

And what is Hillary? Hillary is all that plus the official and very illegal protection of the US federal bureaucracy.

Second, here’s the latest GOPe* gambit to ensure a Hillary victory and somehow pretend they had nothing to do with it. Don’t fall for this McMullin crap. It is nothing more than the GOP country clubbers having a hissy fit that they were rejected.

Will The Establishment’s Stalking Horse for Hillary Blow Up the Republican Party?

The Establishment’s plan is very simple. They’ve pretty much announced it. Bret Stephens, for example, does not hide the fact that his plan is to help Hillary into the presidency with a “blow out” against Trump. Then, he figures, the rebellious Untermenschen of the Lumpenproletariat will come grovelling to the Establishment for its super-successful and popular policy mix of unchastened neocon foreign adventurism, favors for corporate cronies, and official, explicit Open Borders policy…

…These guys, who fancy themselves smart, seem to miss the point that the way to “teach a lesson” to Trump supporters is to just sort of stay out of the election, and let Trump fail on his own. Then they would have the makings of a “See, I told you so” argument.

…You guys, having admitted you shivved the rest of the party in the back in order to scramble into a leadership position after the electoral debacle you admit you engineered —

why the f— wouldn’t the rest of us return the favor?

Remember the decades of their crappy nominees that conservatives were told to just shut up and eat the crap sandwich. Funny how they can’t take their own advice…especially when Trump is a product of their own making. They and their Utah McMullin stooge are nothing more than a bunch of hypocritical spoiled brats.

Again, click the links and read both articles.

UPDATE: Gov. Herbert is in bed with crony capitalists but even he isn’t falling for the McMullin scam.
*Note also that if Cruz was the nominee, I fully expect the GOPe elites would be pulling the same stunt on him.

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