Finally: A Real Free Speech Platform

Earlier this year, I  effectively ditched Twitter and will ultimately terminate my account there. I don’t think I’ve used it for months now*. As I said back then, I was not interested in providing content to a provider that claimed to be all for open dialog but they turn to censorship and double standards when someone disagrees with their worldview. Heh, I still smile when I think of their “Trust and Safety Council” seemingly pulled from an Orwell novel.

So for a while now, I’ve been using my own microblog. Meh, it’s ok and it let me keep a list of stuff that interested me with a couple of quips added in for fun.

Evidently, I wasn’t the only one who walked away. A few weeks ago I heard about The platform is much like Twitter and is in beta (more info on The libertarian developer also wanted a real open discussion platform. Thus, was born.

I’ve been playing on (hence fewer posts on my microblog) and it’s been awesome. Yep, it’s in beta but continually improving. Most folks are libertarian, conservative, and some so-called ‘alt-right’ but there’s a growing contingent of lefties who are also unimpressed with double standard free speech. Everyone is welcome as long as your goal isn’t to suppress another’s speech (a thick skin is a plus).

Head on over, what every political stripe you are, and sign up for your invite. Get ready to speak freely!

*As an aside: dumping social media for a while is fantastic! You realize how much better stuff there is to do with your time (you know, like real life relationships). I’m on Gab now but easily spend less overall time with social media fluff.

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