Brutal Utah Reality: It’s Trump Or Hillary (McMullin Admits To Helping Hillary)

Sometimes reality bites. This is one of those times. If you’re voting for Evan McMullin, you’re only going to help corrupt Hillary Clinton win the presidency along with her media-establishment praetorian guard. She’ll be as corrupt as she pleases with no substantive opposition.

If this election had a ‘Perot’ who was on the ballot on all 50 states and polling in striking distance, reality could be different*. But McMullin is simply in the race to act as a spoiler. He’s been placed in that position by establishment republican backers who are too embarrassed to simply admit they prefer a Hillary presidency (and retain their power and DC social status). He’s a transparent fig leaf.

(Edit: Fig leaf no more – McMullin admits he’s ultimately in the race to prevent Trump and hand power to Hillary).

So reality bites. We face a candidate who’s corrupt and will be incredibly destructive to the rule of law, national foundations, and national character VS a horse’s backside who will be opposed and power checked at every turn. As Ace put it: Hillary is an alligator in a pack of jackals while Trump is a jackal in an alligator infested swamp.

Ideal? Nope. I would prefer a Constitutionally-driven, righteous candidate. We don’t have that but for LDS folks, they need only flip open their scriptures to see this is nothing new but bright hope remains. On the cynical-positive side: look at Omni and Ether 10 – jerk leaders who did the right thing for the people (the bible offers other examples). On the bright side, the plethora of redemptive stories: Jonah, Alma (the younger – who ended up as chief judge and prophet!), Corianton etc. etc. etc….

Certainly, both Hillary and Trump can change and be truly redeemed through Christ but the risks involved with the former not changing vastly outweigh the latter. So I’ll vote for Trump, oppose his policies as needed, and pray for him to change (or at least do the right thing) just as we should do with all our leaders and ourselves! Realistically, all of us need to repent and turn to the Lord to right our drifting ship.

*Caveat: Even if McMullin were on all 50 state ballots, I highly doubt he would be polling anywhere close to striking distance. Besides the now exposed fig leaf, he represents the decades of shady political games/policy people have revolted against. Again, Trump is the creation of the establishment GOP’s (in)actions.

Sidenote: Many of us called a spade a spade long ago: “[McMullin is] the latest GOPe* gambit to ensure a Hillary victory and somehow pretend they had nothing to do with it“.


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