Gab Invites Available (Liberal Preference)

Update: Invites open to all (no preference). See: Gab Beta Invites Open To All

I’ve been on for a several of months now. The platform is still in beta but has a vastly growing user base. They have now allocated invites for us to hand out.

I have some and if you are interested in receiving an invite, click the “URContact” link above or right here with an email address you want the invite sent to.

That said, there are some things to know for the sake of full disclosure. First, to know more about Gab, see this post (lots of platform improvements since then too like ability to edit). Next,  as I noted in that post:

Most folks are libertarian, conservative, and some so-called ‘alt-right’ but there’s a growing contingent of lefties who are also unimpressed with double standard free speech. Everyone is welcome as long as your goal isn’t to suppress another’s speech (a thick skin is a plus).

Given the still early stage of Gab’s existence coupled with established social media’s animosity towards conservative, libertarian, and ‘alt-righters’ (alt-rights? alt-rightarians?…whatever), those groups comprise the majority of users. As expected, there is a distinct but gradual change with increasing numbers of centrist and center-right folks who value an real free speech platform. Liberals are still coming in lesser numbers (and are a small minority right now). Thus, if you are a liberal interested in free flowing debate (and not to troll* or shut down speech), I have some invites reserved just for you.

Have at it!

*As with any site, trolls will come and there’s a range of trolls from traditional to false flag trolls (put extremist crap up to discredit the site and/or try to intimidate others away) along with the ‘regular’ sets of conspiracy theorists and fringe types you find everywhere. Gab’s advantage is there’s no capricious ban hammer so the fringe folks can ‘be themselves’ rather than faking who they really are. It makes it fairly easy to weed them out if you don’t want to hear from ’em. Per Gab’s mission, it won’t block them as it gives you the capability to filter out any account you please.

Edit: Made some edits for clarity and completeness.


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